Superhero Game (Current Build 11-6-14

Here you can check out the most current version of the game.  It is now nearly completed, but hopefully you can see the direction that I'm heading.

Arrow Keys to move.
"F" key toggles flying
"S" picks up and releases boxes
"A" key while flying speeds you up

There are no objectives in the game and most of the art is placeholder.

Click to Play (Build 11-6-14)

*11-6-14: A lot has happened.  Redesigning assets.  You still control the blue character, but the new art for the character is next to him.  Also, added walking Robot to test out Spriter in Construct 2.
*7-30-13: Added in a civilian.  Pick him up and fly around.  Drop him from the sky and swoop down and catch him.  Its pretty satisfying.
*6-10-13: Added a couple more flying animations.  Temporarily attached the carrying sprite closer to where it will be on the finished art.  Also, started using tiles instead of duplicate sprites to help it run better.
*2-12-13: Finally added in the jump animation.  I'm currently trying to figure out a bug that is making the player freeze at their current animation when transitioning from flying to falling.  Basically, the idle flying animation is playing when the player is falling.  Weird.  Oh, and I changed the silhouettes of the buildings.
*1-20-13: Started working with transition animations.  Flying forward triggers a start animation, then a looping flying animation, and then a stopping animation on release of the button.


  1. Great job Ben!!! Love your "super delivery" game! :)

  2. AMAZING! Definitely one of the more polished looking games of Construct 2. Can I ask how you do the zooming in and out?

    1. Thanks, Danny! I used the "layout scale" in the project. I have a toggle for whether or not the player is flying or grounded and then use those to set the scale amount. The tutorial I use is here

      Let me know if that's not clear enough and I'll take a picture of how mine appears in the events.

  3. Loving the work you're doing, I check in every couple of weeks or so to see what you've added and its always great work! I wonder though, could having a superhero who bares a striking resemblance to greats such as Superman cause legal problems for you down the line? I'm not sure if you ever plan to monetize your game, but is it possible at all he falls under copyright?

    1. Thanks, Danny! While I'm admittedly a huge Superman fan (even have a tattoo), the similarities are very few. His powers are really only flight and strength. And its not really obvious yet, but the yellow portion of the suit is actually a jewel/rock/crystal/half of an orb. The design of the suit was actually purposely made to be a little on the generic side. Mostly for ease of drawing and readability, but also for some story reasons. Hopefully it will make more sense in the future.

      Either way, I really appreciate you visiting the blog. I should have more updates soon.