Friday, September 30, 2016

Need Your Disease

So this week's problem is going to be figuring out how to have my player spin around when making an abrupt turn. Basically, you are flying fast up and then want to immediately go down. The character should bend over and reposition to the down pose. At the moment, I have global variables already set up that show the current flying direction and the last direction I was at. It is used for triggering the each angle's animation and not just sitting on one. I set it up to trigger the flipping animation when the current angle is South and the last angle is North, but it is also triggering when the reverse is happening. I might have to stop making it something that the engine is constantly checking and just have it check when I want. The other thing I noticed was that the Stop animation state (of the Start, Loop, and Stop animations) is triggered when you switch directions. That is because when I set up gamepad controls, I needed a way to tell when you weren't moving. I just said to check and see when the Gamepad stick's axis was 0. Worked pretty good and also set it up where if I was flying left and switched to right, it automatically triggered the Stop animation and then jumped into the Start. Look pretty good. Actually might solve most of my problems already. If I'm flying up and go to fly down, the character will animate stopping flying up and then start the beginning of the flying down animation (which will be the player bending and repositioning. WAIT A MINUTE. Oh, I could just edit this post, but why not come on this trip with me. If I stop while flying down, I'll just reposition to the regular position. Then I would just start the beginning of the up animation. Might have to animate the whole loop to make sure it jives. It just might work! More to come!!! via Need Your Disease

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