Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Need Your Disease

Oof. Tough couple of days there. I'm trying to get some of the Carrying and Civilian AI working. An internet friend was nice enough to set up some functions to help with the civilian's state machine. So then I set it up so that the players torso art will snap to place when you pick something up. Works great. Then I decided to have the Civilian/Spriter object snap to that Torso art. That didn't work as great. The civilian was always a little behind and would slide into place when the player stopped. Was bumming me out. On a whim, I decided to reorder the Torso Event and the Civilian event and now it works fine. No idea why. So my next hurdle is making sure the Civilian art mirrors when it is supposed to. Feels like it should be the easiest part, but it has been the most challenging. First it would flip only after the direction was pressed twice. Really annoying. I finally got that fixed (don't remember how) but the mirroring only happens after you start moving. I need it to happen as soon as they are picked up. Might give it another shot tomorrow. #construct2 #gamedev via Need Your Disease http://ift.tt/2cP6YnV

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