Friday, September 2, 2016

Need Your Disease

I swear this is t feature creep. Since I've started my game, I've been trying to streamline the time it takes to animate my character and the amount of memory that I will use just for him. Skeletal animation in toon boom solved the problem of quickly creating animation, but it doesn't help me keep file sizes low because I have to render frames for each set of animations. There are a lot of animations for this guy. Mostly from the flight angles. I could use Spriter Pro but it honestly would take too much planning and I'm more comfortable with in Toon Boom and I can draw in there. So now I'm thinking of doing a hybrid that the player will switch to only when he's holding objects. Basically, when you pick something up, the player Sprite will switch to a version with only shorts and legs. At the same time, I Spriter Pro object that makes up everything from the torso up will sit just behind the legs. Then I can just animate new torsos in Spriter. If you've read all of this, than thank you. Hopefully I can test this soon. via Need Your Disease

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