Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Need Your Disease

It has been forever since I've posted on the game. I've been so busy with commissions and animation that I haven't been able to touch it. Even more upsetting considering a gamedev buddy helped me with my state machines. He also turned me on to "functions". Now I think I can randomly pick an event from a list and have that spawn bad guys, civilians, and other scenarios where I want. This all got me to thinking about how I will let the player know when these things are happening. My original idea was to have a news reporter pop in and explain what was happening. I still like this, but don't think the player would want to sit and listen to the whole thing. So I might have icons appear below the report that show the "event's" threat type, civilians injured, and size of villain. That way the player can stop on the way and grab what might be necessary to help. I think this will speed up the process. More to come. via Need Your Disease

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