Monday, January 4, 2016

Need Your Disease

I've had flying on the brain. Not the kind you do in a plane, or the kind I did with a towel around my neck when I was a kid. Well...maybe a little closer to the second one. I'm trying to figure out a quicker way to get into the flying than I had before. At the moment, you press a button and your guy pushes off the ground and there you go. You're floating. But its slower than I'd like and not really what I'm looking for. It will work in some situations, but what I want is the feeling of running down the street, seeing someone falling from a tall building, and pushing off the ground. 3 steps and up! So my new thinking is that I will have my normal "turn on the flying" be triggered by holding in the jump button for a second. Probably turn off the flying that way too. I've also decided to have the Fast Flight button be mapped to holding down the trigger. I recently played some Ray Man and mapping a trigger to run works better than I thought it would. So hopefully you will be running down the street and then hold down the Right Trigger. The player will freeze for half a second for a quick squat before pushing off and flying forward. When you release the trigger, you're back to the slower mode of flight that is better for combat. Of course this is all in theory and needs to be tested. More to come! via Need Your Disease

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