Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Need Your Disease

Disclaimer: This may sound extremely boring. Feel free to not read this. Now that we have that out of the way, I can now explain how I plan to fix my flying animations for when he's going fast. At the moment the animations are...well, they're just fine. His body will point in the right direction, but he moves like the hands on a clock. It's just lifeless. What I really need to happen is for him to bend his body while he's turning. Seems kind of tricky considering I'm not rotating the player or his "box" so it hard to determine when he is turning. The way I'm leaning now is to compare the current angle he is moving to the angle that the game pad is being held. If it doesn't match, then I'm not playing the straight ahead animation. Then I determine if he is moving clockwise or counterclockwise by comparing the current angle against the angle he was at a second ago. Using that I can pick whether to use an ascending or descending animation. Once the current movement angle gets close to the angle that the stick is being held, it will switch to the straight ahead animation. Wow. That seems like complicated. Well, maybe not complicated. More like a ton of art to draw...and in perspective. I'm looking into a way to quickly render 3D models so I can test this and use it as a guide for when I draw my character. I'm hoping to have more soon. If you sat through all of that, I commend you. #gamedev #construct2 via Need Your Disease http://ift.tt/1VnJIfN

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