Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Progress on #Deceptionjam

Scirra is running a game jam with Newgrounds this June.  I've never officially competed in one before, and I've been meaning to get something finished while working on the Superhero Game, so I thought I would enter.  I've been basically working on it during lunch breaks so its not going very fast.  With the time constraint, I've decided to keep the major decisions to a minimum.  I'm not pouring over design choices or the general look of it.  I've designed a basic character and I'm moving forward.  Its kind of nice to finally be decisive on a project.  

The above art is some rough sketches of death animations.  I've built my character in Animate Pro 3 to make animation quick, so hopefully these won't be too hard to knock out.  The below art is the character.  I'm going to tweak the design a bit, but I'm liking the version on the right without the lines.  It will save me the time it takes to patch the left version and gives it a look similar to Flashback on the SNES that I like.

More to come soon.


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