Friday, March 27, 2015

Lift Animation Working

I have been gone, but still very busy.  Well, busy and sick.  I had a weird stomach bug/flu thing last week that kind of caught me off guard.  I was, however, able to get some work done.  I put the lift animation in and got it to lift some boxes.  The tricky part was that the box sprite needed to travel along an object point on the Armiger art work until the Lift animation finishes.  Then the overlay art (Head, Arms, Chest) pop on top of the Armiger art and the box sprite transfers to that.  I basically took me putting a couple of Every Tick events inside of groups and switching from Armiger art to Overlay art when the Lift animation ends.

And exhale.  Still so much to do.  I'm starting to itch to get the second set of flight animations in there, but I'm got a few things that need tweaking that are already in.  Also, I'm sure the best idea would be to work a bit on a Grey Box prototype for actually playing the game.  I need something I can show people so they know whats in my head.  Now, if I could just find the time.


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