Saturday, January 24, 2015

Global Game Jam 2015 Part 1

I had originally planned on updating through out my stay at the Game Jam, but the first thing I learned was this: TIME FLIES DURING A GAME JAM!

I showed up, watched a couple of key not addresses, and then they delivered the the...slowest...most...drawn...out....way.  What they ended up with was "What Do We Do Now?"  I was immediately perplexed.  So I stood in line and tried to think of something that I could finish in roughly half the time.

My idea was to strip away the players weapons as you uses them.  Leaving the player with nothing before the enemy is dead.  Its meant to have the player question what to do next.

I quickly started drawing.  What started as a beard ended as a Lumberjack.  The fight will be between him and a giant bear.  Hopefully it will be comical.  More hopefully, it will be finished.  I'll try and update more as I scramble to get something working.


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