Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Fixing the Run

Early in the redesign, someone mentioned that the run looked a little stiff.  Particularly in the torso.  Of course I was immediately infuriated and cast them aside as just plain wrong.  Well, they were right.  Very right.  Problem was I didn't have the time to go in and fix it.  Luckily, working on the NPC's brought about a problem where fixing it became a necessity.

The player needs to be holding the civilians slightly towards camera for the art overlap to work.  So adding that twist is kind of needed.  The other "cool" part is that now I can animate a little rotation and perspective change in Spriter.  At least, that's the idea.

Updates on the game will be slower and fewer apart as I have a project coming up that is due in early January.  After that I will be attending my first game jam which I will be sure to update on here.  Thanks for stopping by and I'll be back soon.


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