Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Starting to Use Spriter in Construct 2

Since my last post, I've animated my character, I've thrown him in Construct 2, and I'm loving the way it looks.  His naturally pixelated nature isn't hurting it at all.  And, frankly, that was a huge worry of mine.  You can check out a blurry, phone video test below.

So now I'm getting my grubby fingers around Spriter and I'm finally starting to understand it.  Not the animation, but using it with Construct 2.  The documentation is still very early, which I understand, but I just want my answers now.  I'm greedy like that.  One major problem is the origin point on the Spriter object.  Basically, the "Object" is a square and the animation happens on that square.  The problem is that its placing the art in the middle of that square and that square is sitting on the platform.  So I have the animations too high up (see picture above.).


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