Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Beginning New Civilians/NPC's

Maybe its from my recent work with Spriter or my itching to carry around civilians again, but I'm beginning Civilians 2.0.  Previously, they had a walk animation and a static frame when held.  It was pretty boring.  Now that I'm moving over to skeletal animation, I can start adding little nuances at all time.  While the player is flying, the civilian's legs can be swinging.  I can add a slight bounce to the hair to the civilian while the player is running.  There are a lot of options.

I'll go more in depth with that at a later date.  The good news is that I can add different variations to the animations, randomly select them when a civilian is spawned in game, and get the variety I want in a city full of people.

So at the moment I'm planning out the State Machine for the civilians (different ways they'll react to their surrounding).  I'd like to give them a little bit of personality too.  Maybe different levels of bravery that will make effect their decisions when everything starts happening.
Beginning Rough. Drawn over Player for Size.
 Currently I'm creating my first "base" model for a the male civilian.  I'll break him into pieces, reconstruct him in Spriter and then start playing around.  Fingers crossed.

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