Wednesday, September 3, 2014

So Many Animations

Oof, this is getting complicated.  But not TOOOOO complicated.  At least that's what I keep telling myself.  I'm knee deep in my implementation of the new animation system and its actually working.  At least so far.

During flight, I have the animation starting at the "Start" animation and then transitioning to the "loop" animations.  It will stay on the "loop" animations until the player stops.  Then it will begin again with the "start" animations.

I ran into a couple problems at first.  1) 8-way movement doesn't have a "on moved" trigger.  It just has "is moving".  The problem with that is that is just constantly repeating.  I need it to know that after one of the starting animations played, the animation condition goes from "Start" to "Loop".  Luckily, they have a "trigger once" event that I threw into a sub event.  Worked like a charm.

2) I'm dumb and had my syntax wrong.  I mentioned in a previous post the names of each flying animation is just the combination of 4 different variables.  I was using the + sign to combine those instead of the "&" sign.  Simple enough when I researched the original tutorial I found on picking animations that way.

Next up is triggering the stopping animations and then animating all of the remaining starting and stopping animations.  I hate myself more and more for including that cape.

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