Thursday, September 4, 2014

Flying Animation States Working in Construct 2!

Holy crap it works!  I mean....(darting eyes)....I knew it would work.

The animations aren't all in, but it works.  And that is a huge victory.  So the way it works is when you begin to move the state is "Start".  When any of the "start" animations end, it changes the Animation State to "Loop".  The loop animations will play for any flying angle until you stop moving.  Actually, its triggered by none of the arrow keys being down while a loop animation is playing.  Then it changes the Animation State to "Stop".  When any of the stop animations end, it changes the state to "idle".  That puts you back to square one.

You can test it out at the link below.  Full animations are for left and right.  But if you start flying at left or right and then fly around, you'll see the animations all loop until you stop while going left or right.  Hopefully that makes sense.  Press F to trigger flying.  Arrow keys move.

Check it out here: Superhero Build 9-4-14

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