Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Damage and Recovery

I'm still knee deep in Ingenuity Fest work (more to show soon) and haven't had a chance to work on the game.  I'm definitely getting the itch, if not the time.  So I sketched out a quick pose for a concept I was thinking of.  

Originally, I was thinking of no health bar for the player.  Lets only have the health of the NPC's be important.  Then, I started to think that maybe a player health bar is important.  I mean, I want you to be fighting enemies.  So naturally you need the bar.  But wouldn't that require health packs/food/etc?  Doesn't seem to fit in what I want to do.

Then I started to think about most modern shooters and their regenerative health.  I want the player to have health and I want him to be able to die, but he is a super hero after all.  So what if I go with the thought that he could be beaten to death if he takes too much damage.  It would also give the player a reason to back off for a second and regain their energy.  Sure, I would love to make the them feel awesome all the time, but blowing through enemies isn't very interesting.  And having to stop for a second to recompose your self is a different way of thinking.  Maybe I'll have a button to recharge quicker like those old stamina bars in wrestling games.

Of course this is all brainstorming.  Who knows if it will work or be fun.  But its the direction I'd like to move in.

Till next time.


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