Thursday, August 21, 2014

Revamping the Animation System

While my classic "if holding down this button" then "play this animation" system was working before, it wasn't giving me the fluid animation I wanted while flying.  Its not too bad when going at slower speeds, but I have a theory that it will look slightly on the horrendous side when doing fast.  Also, I'm not sure the previous method would work with game pads.  All of these reason made me decide that a little revamp was in order.

Rather than trigger animations by the button presses, they're triggered by the players movement angle.  If he's flying north, than that's -90 degrees.  You set up a trigger that happens when the movement angle is between a few degrees leading up to that and it happens.  Since I have to mirror based on the direction he's flying, its a little trickier.  I'd be happy to explain it better if anyone out there is curious.

Another problem I'm having is that ToonBoom zooms in if I change the scene resolution.  It throws off the size of my character and bums me out.  Looks like I might have to composite the cape animations separately.  Kind of sucks.  I'll probably have to ask for help on the forums.

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