Thursday, August 14, 2014

Left to Right Flying Almost Finished!

I've got the animation in there, but there is a slight amount of "jank".  I'll probably do a second pass at it because it isn't as seamless as I like.  I think I put a slight torso movement in there that is making the loop "pop" when he's flying.  There's a chance that its just some dumb thing that only I'll notice, but it bums me out.  I also need to fix the stop animation.  The player doesn't end on the idle position ant that can cause problems.

Either way, the process of replacing the animations has been a fast one.  The more problematic animations will be the jumps.  I'm putting those off a little longer.  I'd like to get my base flying poses in first and then move onto that.  Pretty soon I should be working on my first new Civilian to be strolling around the game.

Keep coming back for more.



  1. The look is awesome! Sometimes "jank" is caused by one of the frame's point of origin is off by a pixel or 2 because of cropping to the size or something in the sprite editor. Me and jank go way back...

    1. Yeah. My problem is with getting the origin point to match. Usually have one drawn in on the original art but messed it up before converting. Should be able to fix tonight. Thanks for stopping by the blog.