Friday, July 11, 2014

Superhero Buildings and Poses

Game sketches?  It feels like its been forever.  I've decided to really invest myself and learn the ins and outs of Toon Boom Animate Pro.  The hope is that it will help me churn out animation at a much quicker pace.  Hopefully, that will get me back to where I was before in much less time.

Until I've reached shear mastery, I've been sketching out some new art assets.  I pulled some photo reference for store fronts in Cleveland and used them to build a couple new standard models.  I'm hoping to adjust them (signs and other flourishes) to reuse them and fill out the city a bit.  The Taller buildings will all be tiled artwork to try and keep my files down.  That's an entirely different beast.

Below, I have a few more environmental thingies and some character poses.  My previous in game art was kind of stiff and I'm wanting to break them up a bit.  So lets see if I can get some "S" curves in the mix and pretty her up!

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