Friday, June 13, 2014

Toon Boom Animate and Spriter

So this is still coming along.  I'm still building out the character in Toon Boom Animate Pro and inserting those pieces into Spriter.  The problem I'm running in to is that Toon Boom doesn't seem to have a way to render our all of the layers least know way that I know.  At the moment, I am hiding all other layers to just render the ones I want.  Its kind of a pain.  Toon Boom's twitter account pointed me to their support staff, so I'm hoping they have an easy solution.

On the Spriter front (see above), I'm finally getting my hands dirty.  It seems pretty simple once you've been dealing with other skeletal animation systems.  I'm definitely a fan.  It even has a setting for locking the key frames to a specific frame rate.  While that's great, I'd really like it to display those keyframes as their frame numbers rather than the number of milliseconds.  Maybe that's wishful thinking.  Who knows.

EDIT: Edgar Muniz (@lucidthecoder) saw my post and was nice enough to point out that the frame display was right in front of me the whole time.  Thank god for the internet.

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