Friday, May 16, 2014

New Site Design

I've been playing around with the Weebly web site builder and am seriously considering building my own website.  Of course, I'll still be keeping this blog, but incorporating it into the new site.  I was just going to use an RSS widget to show my posts from here.  Turns out that looks like crap and doesn't show my pictures.  Being an artist, that's kind of important.

So a far less interesting, yet prettier, option is using an iframe that would just show the portion of this blog's posts.  Basically, you are putting a window on your website that only shows the posts.  Confusing?  Sure, but it will make more sense when I have it done.

Its also an opportunity to do a new interactive banner.  A far more robust banner.  A banner that I will actually follow through on!  Oh me and my lofty goals.  So I've been playing with the idea of a camera flying around to different areas within the banner.  I have 3 sections so far (see picture above).

I'd love to give this a shot and have it done in the next couple of months. Weebly seems pretty easy so the actual site design should come easy.  Thank god I don't have to learn HTML.  Isn't the future great?

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