Friday, May 9, 2014

Bike Assault and Game Jams

Busy, busy, busy times over here on NeedYourDisease (first time pretending it has an official location).  Scirra announced a 6 week game jam and I have been tooling away at that for the last few days.  I've toyed with a couple jams, but their compact time frames coupled with my greatly condenced "daddy" schedule made getting anything close to finished difficult.  Hopefully a 6 week challenge can change that.

I came across the above game a couple weeks ago.  Its retro graphics and simple (yet challenging) game play felt like a good jumping off point for an idea I had.  I'll post screenshots of my first prototype next. Week.

Till then, check out the video above and grab the game.  Its free and the adds aren't as intrusive as you'd think.

See you next week.


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