Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Test Animation

I finished building out the character in Toon Boom Animate Pro and decided to test a little idle animation.  First off, its definitely not final animation.  I just wanted to see how it looked moving and shrunk down.  My initial impression is that its actually a little too smooth.  There are so many frames (26 at 24 frames per second) that the strobing and de-rezing of the art work is really obvious.  I'll probably drop it down to 8 or 9 frames, add some easing, change the arm animations, and change the frame rate.

Next, I'd like to test him moving with a civilian sprite in his arms or maybe attach the cape animation.  I decided to do it separately from the main animation to break up the loop a bit.  I'll attach it with an image point.

Finally, I'll probably have to take the best shrunken version of the head and paste it on top of all of the frames for consistency.  While I think I can get away with the strobing on the body, the head might be too much.

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