Thursday, March 20, 2014

ReplaceColor fixed, Overlays not.

I was lucky enough to get some help from Alex Falkenberg concerning my color replace problem.  Turns out that I forgot the parameter for the color variables started with 0 instead of 1.  A real rookie mistake on my part.  Luckily, Alex saw it.

Well, I really thought that would be the last of my problems, but another one popped up.  Turns out, ReplaceColor doesn't work in Construct 2 if the sprite has any change in Opacity.  Not great when you are lowering your Overlay sprite to 35% to get the look you want.  A work around is that I can put all of my overlay sprites on the same layer and lowering that layer's opacity.  The hard part there is getting the overlay sprite layer to match the main sprite layer.  Not sure how I would exactly do it.  I'm sure its not impossible, but definitely tricky.

Above, I've added a quick cape graphic to see what it would look like.  Also, put my intended overlay on the character.  I'm going to try and use Animate Pro's morph feature to do some quick animation to the cape and attach it to the player sprite.  I'll hopefully post that soon.


  1. Have you considered lowering png file opacity on individual files then uploading each file into the animations?

    1. My dreams of messing with overlays and color replacement to simulate dynamic lighting have long passed. I think the ideas were sound, but I'm already struggling with finding time that this was just too hard. I do think that I'll be using overlays on my backgrounds to get some variety and save on memory usage.