Monday, March 17, 2014

More Work Than Its Worth?

Oh boy did I make this difficult...or maybe not.  I'm still playing around with the overlays and am in the process of perfecting my palette system in Toon Boom Animate Pro.  Well, "perfecting" is a strong word.  Lets just say its getting close to working.

The problem is that I need a base color and shadow version for every line and fill.  I was going about it a strange way until I figured out that I can use some random color and use that to draw my shadow line.  That will separate the base and shadow areas and then I can just go in with the paint bucket tool and ink bottle tool and put in my shadows.

The lime green and magenta areas on the armor are the areas that I will be switching between the base armor color and the reflective white.  I should be able to change it dynamically in Construct 2 using WebGL: if player is Mirrored turn lime green to white and turn magenta to grey.  I feel pretty cool about that working for me.

Also, I was watching a bunch of old Fleisher Superman cartoons last week and really think that I can use those overlays for some cool effects during explosions or when the player is getting hit by some kind of power beam of some sort.  Hopefully I'll have a test up soon.

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