Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Bring Me His Head!

I'm working on finishing up the final character design and run some test on my whole Overlays In Construct 2 thingy.  I'm putting in my 3 quarters turn from yesterday's model sheet as the head and figuring out how the colors will react to the overlaying colors.  I'm also working on a way to make the armor seem shinier than the rest of the player.  I can designate an area will a color I never use, like magenta, in the parts that will be shiny.  When the player is facing the direction of the light source, I turn it white (or something lighter).  When he's turned away, I'll tun it to the base color of the armor.  I was going to do a version a section of "shine" when the player is not facing the light, but I don't think there is enough unshadowed character to squeeze in that "shine".

I'm hoping to run a quick mock up tomorrow in Construct 2 to make sure that the Overlay will move at the same speed as the player art.  Fingers crossed.

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