Monday, February 3, 2014

Finished Broken Age Act 1

Free time is pretty sparse now that I have a 1 month old baby at home, but I was able to finish up the first act of Broken Age this weekend.  All and all, I'm extremely impressed with the end product and can't wait for the second act in the coming months.

All of this Broken Age love lead me down a rabbit hole of Tim Schafer and Double Fine goodness.  I came across a GDC talk given this year that highlighted a lot of their improvements to the adventure game genre.  One aspect that I found especially interesting and that I've already begun thinking about: using dynamic lighting for the characters.  They used the term "hand authored normal maps" which I really liked and will probably use from now on.  You can see the portion where they talk about it around 23 minutes into the above video.

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