Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Revamping the Sprite Process

Art by Kiwi-RGB. Go to for tutorial

I may be getting into dangerous territory, but I'm starting to play with the idea of revamping my sprite process.  At the moment, I'm just taking art drawn in a 600 by 600 box and shrinking it down to 110 by 110.  It gives me a nice "LucasArts" kind of look , but it presents problems when its animated.  If you watch the video below, you'll see artifacts around the edges of the drawing.  Just some tiny color fluctuations in the line work that are a bit on the ugly side.  Its always been something that's bothered me, but I didn't know how to fix it.

Well, I was doing some research and started playing with the idea of creating my sprites bigger.  The finer line work might aleviate the problem but not as much as what I found next.  There is a pretty handy site called . Its a great resource for creating sprite art and while it is aimed at single pieces of art, I think I can apply his technique to my traditionally animated work.

The thought is to do ink and paint my work in Toon Boom Animate Pro and export a version of the sprites with just there color fills and one version with the line art.  I'll shrink both files to the desired size and then lay the line art on top of the fills.  That way I won't get that strobing color.  Luckily, Toon Boom has a color pallete feature where I can make all of the lines color for the fill file and then just switch it to black for the line art.  This hasn't been tested yet, but I'm hoping it will work.  I should probably test my old way of shrinking art first.  Who knows, maybe I'll have less strobing with the slightly higher resolution art.

I'll post whatever results I have.

Till tomorrow.....

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