Monday, January 27, 2014

"Keep Something Of Yourself and For Yourself"

Still working diligently on my story-boarding commission, but always researching and looking up new information.  Ironically, its worked in well with the odd hours I keep with my baby daughter.  When its time for her early morning feeding, I load up my Youtube lists and take in some tutorials.  I hadn't visited the Frederator channel in a long time and was pleasantly surprised by one of their new shows: Its A Draw.

Artist Simon Frasier asked what piece of advice he would give an aspiring cartoonist and he said "Keep something of yourself and for yourself."  I feel like this is a great piece of advice and falls right in line with what I've been doing with my game project.  Its nice to have a bigger project to keep returning and chipping away at.  Sometimes it can be hard to look back at earlier work and see how rough it is, but its also a good way to gauge how you've grown.  Just something to keep in mind.

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