Friday, January 24, 2014

Getting Close and Realizing Old Ideas

Getting closer and closer to a final design.  Looking at it now, I'd like to fix the buckle and redesign the boots.  Obviously, there's a good chance I'll hate the entire thing in the morning.  That's always been a problem of mine.  For now, I'm liking what I have.  I'll probably do some refinement to this drawing and then make a turn around.  Once that's done, its time to figure out the color.  

There is definitely something liberating about starting over and trying to do it the right way.  I'm also catching myself slipping into the rabbit hole on some other things I may have abandoned.  One such area that I would like to revisit is my thought that you add a lot by artistic continuity.  Basically, when Mario changes direction in his 2D games, the art is flipped.  But where I'm carrying people, that looks kind of wonky.  I'm starting to think about how I can implement it and add some variation.  The Hero Torso Holding The Civilian art that I would use was only one frame and I always thought that hurt the look of it.  I'm hoping to remedy that.  You can see some sketches about turning below.

I have to go into my cave for the weekend to work on a client project, but I think I've figured out a line weight problem I was dealing with when shrinking my art.  Hopefully Monday I'll be posting on that.  

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