Thursday, January 30, 2014

Changing the Design and Toon Boom Animate Pro

Well there goes my posting every week day.  Oddly enough, I did more drawing this week than I have in a while.  Hopefully I'll be able to share soon.

On to the above picture.  I'm liking the new direction I'm going in with the armor, but want to retain that classic golden era look.  I'm trying to meet the two designs in the middle.

  • Also, I've been playing with Toon Boom Animate Pro some more and think I determined how to get that Marvel vs. Capcom sprite look that I want:
  • Separate lines and fills.
  • Lay the lines on top of the fills in Photoshop.

I'll be inking the character with colored lines that I can switch between the color and black.  That way I don't have any weird strobing and I know that the line for the red part of the costume will stay red.  Not sure if that makes any sense.  Once I've ran a test, I'll explain it again with pictures.

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