Tuesday, December 17, 2013

First Ludum Dare 28: Unfinished

Watched the Incredibles this weekend and may have been too inspired by Bomb Voyage.  Villain design likely to change.
I had a little bit of spare time this weekend and thought I would try my hand at Ludum Dare.  I'd never participated in one before and even though I didn't finish, I greatly enjoyed the experience and plan to explore my prototype further.

If I can take you a little bit through my process, I was eyeing the voting results through the week and had a couple of ideas forming for a few of the finalists.  When the voting ended and it was determined that the theme was "You Only Get One", I was pretty excited.  My idea was to do a spoof on 80's action movies and have the player throw his trusty knife at an escaping villain.  You would then guide the knife around a ridiculous number of obstacles, all the while ignoring the basic laws of physics.  The obstacles would get more obscure as the knife traveled.

While I could only work on it sporadically through the weekend, I really enjoyed my time with it and spending and extended amount of time in Construct 2.  I also figured out a more efficient way of doing a few things.  I hope to finish it soon.  You can check out the prototype Here: Ludum Dare 28 Prototype (Press Space Bar to start, Left and Right Arrow keys to steer.)

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