Monday, November 18, 2013

Flying Up and Finally Upgrading Toon Boom

Flying Up!
Some big changes over here (not including the BIG change coming in 6 weeks). First up, I've finally started animating the new flying animations for the main character.  Its been a long time coming, but I parked myself in a chair and got down most of the positions.  I'm currently animating the cape for each pose.  I thing I can do a base cape/flutter/section and just warp that and draw new curved edges.  Could be a way of knocking out the animations much more quickly than before.

Speaking of time saving measures, I've finally broken down and upgraded to the current version of Toon Boom (version 8).  I've been using version 4.5 for years now without ever seeing a reason to update.  I already owned Flash, so that took the bone tools off of the list of must have features, right?  Well, no.  While flash did the walking animations for my civilian character just fine, it wasn't the most intuitive thing I've ever worked with.  Toon Boom is designed specifically for animation, and you can tell with the tools.  

I'm just now starting to experiment further with the software's more advanced tools.  I think I can add in the occasional in-between drawing without have to rough, ink, and paint an entire new drawing.  Also, if you've been drawing with Toon Boom and are unhappy with your line quality, please adjust the smoothing on your pen tool.  Holy crap!  I have never touched that and always hated the jagged and grotesque nature of my line work.  Not anymore.  This thing pretties it up nice.  I have to remember that if I want a straight line by itself that I have to draw it first before going into a connected curve.  If not, it will smooth out the straight line too.  

Well, that's enough rambling, I'm hoping to have the rest of the angles done by the end of the week.  With any luck, I'll be revamping the controls next week.  Stay tuned.

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