Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Offscreen Icons in Construct 2

A quick work in progress for a Pixel Art offscreen indicator.
I was sitting at the barber shop last week and decided to do some doodling on the iPad.  Having a couple of pixel art programs on the device, I decided to take a shot at some icons to appear onscreen to alert the player when a civilian is in danger.  I'm happy with this first pass, even though it could use some work.  Right now I'm thinking about icons for, injured, falling, and in danger.  I'll probably switch up the colors too.  

There is a pretty good tutorial on setting up the off screen indicators over on Scirra's website.  The ending math gets a bit confusing, but I'm sure I can follow it.  Once I have it implemented, I really need to post another video.  Its been a few months since I've put any new content on Youtube and that's something I really wanted to do more of.

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