Friday, August 23, 2013

Little Help?

Thought I would jump into Construct 2 last night and fiddle around with my game.  I decided it was high time for my NPC's to start getting hurt.  So I decided that if they fall a certain distance, they should break their legs and not be able to walk.  I already have a timer that starts every time they start falling, so that worked out well.  At the moment, if they land after falling for at least 3 seconds, they get injured.  Very soon I will add a condition that if they are dropped from way higher, they will die on impact.  I just need to figure out a not gruesome way of doing that.

This system, as it is, works fine. It's just a little buggy.  The animation just doesn't transition the way I would like.  I might have to rig an animation inbetween to smooth it out.  Maybe something that lets them land on their ass first.  Decisions decisions.

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