Friday, August 2, 2013

Bunch of Concept Sketches

I decided to post up some sketches from the last few days and share my thought process behind them. 

The above image is me working out how to design new buildings for the game.  I have the above image gridded off so I know how to slice up my art.  My thinking is that all of the squares, except for the corners, need to be repeated as tiled backgrounds.  That way I can save on memory usage and have the flexibility to resize my buildings as I like.

The above image is me working out the animation a player will go through the moment he is caught.  My thought is to have one animation that goes from the flying downward position to the regular carrying position.  I figure that I can save space (and animations) by just starting the animation a few frames in depending on which position they are flying in when they make the catch.

Just a quick sketch for fun.  Thought it would be cool to maybe have a turning animation.

I'm still thinking that I would like the player to have some control over any nearby civilians.  Playing with some ideas for ordering them to run in a certain direction.  

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