Friday, July 12, 2013

Construct 2 Movement Angles

Debug code showing the angle of movement. I will use this to trigger the animation loops.

So I've been thinking about revamping the animation system when the player is flying.  I know, it feels like I jump around a lot.  Maybe its because I get bored working on one thing too long.  Anyways, back to movement angles.  At the moment, each animation loop is triggered when a combination of the arrows keys is held down.  Its really sloppy.

I've decided to clean it up by finding the character's movement angle and assign the animation accordingly.  For example, if the movement angle is withing 15 degrees of 45 degrees, play the down right animation.  I really need to get in there any redraw poses and add some inbetweens in there.  I'd like to have a smooth transition between each pose.

After that, I'll probably go back to civilians.

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