Monday, June 24, 2013

Superman Sketch and Game Update

Just a quick Superman sketch before last Tuesday's Comic Book Heritage Night at Great Lakes Brewing Company.  It was a great night that I really hope becomes a regular thing.  You can see the comic covers I drew over at the Rust Belt Monster Collective blog.

As far as my game is going, I've made some real headway with the carrying mechanic.  I've been able to contain the civilian characters in a "family" in Construct 2.  They walk up and down the street, change direction when they reach any designated "bumpers", and they are easily lifted.  I'm really pretty happy with it.

Its got me thinking about more "civilian states" and randomizing instances of peril.  I mean, if I trigger them to run from danger, there is the chance that the bad guys may never catch them.  Its a horror movie cliche, but maybe they should occasionally trip and fall?  Not all of them, but just a random face plant here and there.  Just so that danger can catch up or give you someone to protect.

My next step is playing with a lifting animation.  Probably something contained within the civilian animation.  Much like the carried animation.  At that point, I should make a Photoshop template to easily line up the civilian with the players head, shoulders, and arms.  Just thinking out loud.  I'd love to get it working this week though.

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