Friday, June 21, 2013

Civilian Walk Animation Template

I've been itching to fill out my city with the NPC's/Civilians you'll be rescuing.  Knowing that I want a lot of variety in the characters, I decided to start building my animations in Flash CS6 and then exporting the frames.  I then shrink them down and limit the colors to give it the retro aesthetic that I like.  This way, I can just redraw certain assets or swap pallets in Flash.  That way I can quickly turn out a wide variety of different citizens with the same animations. 

The 24 frame walk cycle is roughly 40kb and is the longest animation they have.  My early estimate is that all of the frames of animation will total less than 100kb per NPC.  I've already added him into Construct 2 and its great to see him strolling down the street.  I'm playing with the idea of randomizing each NPC's animation speed and a matching rate of movement.  That should give some nice variety.

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