Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Header Progress With A New Direction

After some serious soul searching, I've decided that my first pass at the buildings sucked and I should start over.  I was shooting for some kind of art deco/Superman TAS look that just ended up smudgie and looking like clay.  So I sat down, reassessed the situation, and decided to go for more modern looking buildings.  Drawing the perspective properly was annoying me so dove into Google Sketchup and modeled a quick building.  After importing a billboard model, I was able to move the camera into position to get me what I wanted.  It would be much nicer if the imported models could be edited, but what can you do.

So this is the BG I'll be using as reference.  I'll be updating more once I get the other assets mapped out and some interactivity added.  Stay tuned and if you are looking for a good first tutorial on using Google Sketchup (its free!), check out the attached video by the Paper Wings Podcast.

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