Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Toonboom Troubles And Jump Animation

Seems like I haven't posted any progress in a while, but I've definitely still been working on the game.  The new jump animation is in its rough stages (with a little wonky arm movement) and I just need to flesh it out in Toonboom. Above are the key frames for the animation which I will be filling out more with the inbetweens.  I'm hoping that I can double up on some frames and only animate the cape, giving it a fluid look with less work.  

Speaking of Toonboom, I'm not sure if its just the version I'm using (4.5), but I can't resize all of the drawing on a layer at the same time.  I'm not talking about in camera view, that's just zooming in and out. Basically, its creating situations where if I animate something by hand and import it in to Toonboom, I then have to resize every frame individually to match the size needed for the game.  It is a pain in the butt-cheeks. I don't know if its in the newer versions, and really don't think it would be worth the update for just that, but it is annoying.

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