Monday, February 18, 2013

300th Post!

Finally solved my "carrying" problem.
This blog has definitely come a long way since my futile attempts at learning C# and XNA.  What with the recent announcement of XNA's demise, I'm not feeling too bad about my failure in that arena.  Luckily, Construct 2 is doing a pretty good job of hiding my inability to code so its all smiles over here.

So I'm writing on Scirra's forum about a problem I have with the NPC's and Objects I'm lifting snapping to my original image point.  In the middle of my begging for help, the answer comes to me.  I never placed the image point to be used for the objects on top of my new idle animations.  A quick fix later and it was there.  It was a pretty easy fix too so I'm glad that I finally figured it out.  I really appreciate the help I've gotten in the community and would hate for people to think that I'm abusing it.

I still need some kind of transitional animation for the lift, so I think I'll be doing that next.  Maybe I can just put a couple frames at the beginning of the NPC's animation and then just have the static "being held" frame be at the end of the animation.  Hmmmmmmmm.

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