Friday, February 15, 2013

Falling Fixed!

Felt like drawing a tree.  Doesn't look pixely enough.  Might take another pass.

First off, the big news is that my falling animation problems have been fixed thanks to Construct 2 user WretchedShark.  Turns out Booleans are far more useful than I originally anticipated.  I'll probably be using it in the near future to work out my transition animations in flight.  Right now I have them set to button releases, but that doesn't really help me when changing direction.  I'm pretty sure I can fix this pretty easily.

What I'm having much less luck fixing is the lifting and carrying of NPC's.  Right now I have a system in place designed by Awesomonium on the forums which cleverly uses a sprite's unique ID to attach it to an image point on the player.  The problem is that the NPC shoots down to the image point first and only shifts to the correct position once the player moves.  I'm hoping that I can trigger a lifting animation that will help the transition but I'm hitting problems with where to place it.  Looks like I'll have to go back to forums to seek guidance.

Falling Problems Solved On the Forum: LINK

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