Monday, January 21, 2013

Superhero Game: Current Build 1-20-13

I've added in a little more animation to the game: idle, flying forward, stop flying, and start flying.  I'm pretty happy with the transition between the regular flying animations, but already see that I'm going to have to rethink how to implement them.  As of now, the start animation is triggered by a button press.  At the end of that animation, the looping flying animation is triggered.  Once the directional button you're holding is released, the looping animation ends and the stop animation is triggered.  This works fine for now, but once I start adding in other animations it will cause problems.

As of now, if the player were to change directions mid flight, the start up animation would be triggered during every directions change.  A toggle to signify to the computer when the player is starting flight and in constant flight should fix it.  Hopefully I can get that in soon.  I'd like to reiterate how easy Construct 2 is making this.  No way would I have gotten this far if I had to program the whole thing myself.

Play the newest build by clicking the link in the upper right section of the blog or by clicking here:
Build 1-20-13

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