Friday, January 18, 2013

Idle Animation and Dust

Finally changed the static standing animation of the character in my game.  Also, I've added animations to the Right and Left flight scenarios.  I've included animations for stopping flight and starting it when flying left and right, but am having a little trouble triggering it in Construct 2.  I have it working when the player's speed drops, but causes a little bit of trouble when starting to move.  I'm starting to think now that maybe I should trigger it with scenarios where the button is released.

Working on this is really making me realize just how long everything takes.  Its amazing how you automatically assume that the clean up portion of the animation would be the easiest.  Boy was I wrong!  Turns out "tracing" is super hard and annoying.

Regardless, I'm having a good time doing it all on my laptop digitally.  Hopefully I'll get faster in time.

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