Friday, January 11, 2013

Bruce Timm's Marker Process

Poison Ivy by Bruce Timm
 So I'm pretty obsessed with Bruce Timm.  Its obvious when you look at any of my drawings.  There is an expressiveness to his animator friendly style that really speaks to me.  Recently, I've been spending time watching Youtube videos of him drawing at conventions and trying to learn more about his process.  Sketchbook Pro 6 has new brushes based on Copic markers.  I've always wanted to attempt coloring that way, but the cost was always a little prohibitive.  Sketchbook Pro is making it easy to experiment while allowing me to lean on my "Undo" button.

While scouring the internet for anything about his process, I came across the following notes.  Original Link

 i never could ink with a brush....or a crowquill or any "respectable" tools...i use crappy cheap felt pens almost exclusively...pilot razor points, bic flairs, sharpies, marksalots, etc...staedtler pigment liners (but mostly just for corrections over white-out)....i LOVE the pentel "presto" white-out pens, don't know how i ever survived without 'em....sometimes i use white gel pens for fine corrections...
tissue paper: 
yep, on top of marker base-coat, lay down some color-erase pencil, then smear it with a tissue or paper's great for that slight "blush" on girls' nose/cheek area, for can blend prismacolor pencil the same way, to a degree, but you gotta REALLY bear down...
prisma on top of markers:
sure...i try to do as much modelling as possible with just the markers, but i usually have to go back in with prisma pencil, to clean up hard edges, hit highlights with white, etc...
you can even reverse the process....base coat of marker, prisma pencil on top, then go over the pencil with more marker...the marker ink melts the pencil, creates a kind-of random blurry/scumbly's really hard to control (and has a tendency to gum up the marker tip), so i don't do it very often (usually by mistake!)...
cheap old xerox paper works best for me...NOT laser-copier paper (too waxy), just plain ol' staples five-bucks-per-ream crap paper... bristol papers and boards soak up the ink too fast, suck the markers dry REAL quick...i tried the bienfang marker paper a LONG time ago, don't remember why i didn't like it....

And Here Is Sketchbook Pro 6 If You Haven't Used It:

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