Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Symmetry Sucks

....and I've spent a large chunk of my artistic life trying to avoid it.  Seems like every book I read says to slightly tilt the head, change your perspective, shift the eyebrows.  Basically, symmetry (if you divide an image in half, it looks the same on both sides) is boring.  They're not wrong, but there's definitely some cases that you need it.  For instance, the roadblock that sits in front of me. The most straight on image I will draw in the whole game is the player flying directly up.  Its important because it is the half way point between the flight animations when they are mirrored.  Basically, if the player is flying North West, then North, then North East they will pass through the above picture.  

The attached sketch is a revision of a test I did this morning that failed pretty miserably.  Basically, the inked and painted version didn't have enough breaking up the costume so it was a big blob of blue with the cape fluttering behind it.  I'm decided to add some shadow and highlights to it.  I can't stand too much negative space and it was irking me.  Also, I think having highlights on the outside and shadows on the inside should help me with the transition animations.  Previously, I just put shadows along the outside and it was too jarring a move.  I'm hoping these adjustments will help.

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