Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Flying Up

EDIT: The more I look at this, the more I hate the body.  Rethinking the animation.  Might have come up with something cooler.

I wish I meant that metaphorically, but its really just the quick animation I did.  While I'm happy with the cape animation on this, I'm not loving the body.  Fist off, the torso is too long and the legs a little too short.  Second, where I have the shadow on one side and the highlight on the other, I'm bumping into inconsistencies when the player art is mirroring.  its a little too obvious for my tastes.  I don' think it will be too hard to fix because the body was drawn on its own separate layer in Toonboom.  Hopefully I can get it fixed tonight.

Seeing the art imported into Construct 2 made me realize that I might need a frame of animation to transfer between the flight angles.  Its a little jarring switching between UpRight and Up, but I may be looking too close into to it.  I'll have to see if there's an easy way to fit it into my workflow.

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