Thursday, November 15, 2012

Video Game Sprites: Is Continuity Important?

So I've been wanting to add in the catch and carry mechanic to the game, and its got me thinking about situations that won't "mirror" correctly.  In case you've stumbled across my blog and are curious about what mirroring is: Basically, you draw your art one time with the character facing one direction.  Then, when the player wants the character to move in the opposite direction, the computer will flip all of the character's art and animation.  It really saves you half the amount of work you'd have to do.  

The only real fallback is that you would want to create characters that look the same no matter what direction they're facing.  You wouldn't want to spell out a word across your chest because when the player went the other way, that word would read backwards.  Street Fighter cleverly played with this on their DJ character.
Right now I'm trying to figure out how to go about having the character carry civilians/criminals and it look right from both directions.  If you're holding a civilian in the classic pose, when you flip the character, it wouldn't make sense (see above).  My question is: do people even care?  I'm probably going to put in that extra effort, but I wonder if anyone would even notice?  
I think I have a system figured out for quickly creating the art needed for both poses.  And, honestly, the legs and cape will be animated so I'm probably not going to animate the carried people (along with the sprites being so small).  So I guess I'll way my options.  Just some food for thought.


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