Friday, November 9, 2012

Superhero Game V.0002

I should probably change the ridiculous naming convention, but I really don't know what it should be.  Regardless, I've added some camera transitions between flying and platforming, tweaked some of the speeds and jumping, added a quick lift off when the player starts flying if he is on the ground or falling, and re-positioned the player in the window.

I cannot stress how exciting it is that Construct 2 is letting me achieve the things I had always envisioned in my head.  I really wish I could have spent my time working with it instead of trying to teach myself XNA and C#.  Clearly I wasn't able to wrap my head around coding and this works much better for my simple, artist brain.

Feel free to try it out here: Still Too Early Too Be Showing Superhero Test

Controls:   Arrows to Move, "F" to toggle Flying

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